Schools closed. Thousands of N.C. 3rd Graders fall a year behind in Reading. John Dewey’s dream comes true. Their dreams shattered. No problem, just write them off.

Three in 10 children aren’t able to read by the end of the third grade in the U.S., but the numbers are worse in the Tar Heel state. Just 36% of North Carolina students scored at or above a fourth-grade reading level in 2019, according to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a project within the U.S. Department of Education.” “We write off about a third of all kids every year in the U.S., and North Carolina isn’t an exception,” said Kate Walsh, president of the NCTQ. “Their chances of learning how to read after third grade are slim to none.” ( Carolina Journal )

70,000 third-grade students promoted despite failing reading requirements, NC Superintendent says

Don’t depend on the Public School to teach your child to read, their track record is not very good. Do it yourself.

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